It is best practice to keep a few numbers handy in case of an emergency. This includes the number of a towing service in case you end up having a flat tire in the middle of the road and of course, the service number of a dependable plumber in your area, such as Wilmington, Delaware.

But, how do you know if this plumber is reliable or not? We have a few tips to share so that you can assess and choose whether that plumber is indeed dependable or not.

Look at their customer reviews

If you are looking for a plumber that is dependable, honest and trustworthy, you should start checking out the company’s customer reviews. With almost every information accessible online, customer feedback or reviews are no longer hard to find.

You can start looking at a company’s social media pages like Yelp or Facebook. Usually, customers, who are either satisfied or dissatisfied with the service, will leave reviews or comments about the company’s service or technicians.

Based on what was said, you can gauge whether the plumbing company fits the description you are looking for.

Check out their rates

A dependable plumber will be comfortable to share the rates of the services they offer. Being transparent with their fees is a good sign that they do not ‘just’ change rates on a whim. However, some plumbers are hesitant to provide a quote if they have not seen the extent of the scope.

Once they’ve dropped by your house or office and was able to see the extent of the damage or scope of works that they need to do, reputable plumbing companies will provide a written estimate on how much the entire project will cost.

Plumbing companies who change their price estimate even after finalizing the agreement is not a dependable plumbing contractor. Chances are, they might even charge you extra.

What are their emergency plumbing services like?

Since it’s an emergency, we cannot predict when a pipe burst is likely to happen. Thus, it is a plus if a plumbing company provides emergency services. Do they provide a 24/7 on-call service? What is their procedure for this kind of emergency? What is their response time in such situations?

Dependable plumbers do have this service in place because they know that such incidents happen. They want their customers to call them for these concerns and not other 24/7 plumbing companies.

Accreditations and Certifications

You will know that your plumber is dependable and legit when they have accreditations and certifications to prove their expertise and existence. This is very important because this gives you an assurance that the team they have sent over are certified and capable of carrying out the work, or they comply with the quality standards imposed in your state or locality.

If all of these qualities are met, then congratulations because that means you have found yourself a dependable plumber in Wilmington, Delaware. Don’t forget to store their service numbers and a 24-hour hotline for emergency situations.

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